Is Finding, Attracting, & Hiring the Right Employee a challenge?

We help make sure that your new hire is the right individual.
We will complete the candidate search, including hours of evaluating resumes and conducting interviews.

We will assist you in identifying, attracting, and employing the ideal person, saving you work and resources.

Find the right candidate

Hire the right people faster

Save on work & resources

Frustrated trying to hire good employees?

that you are not
getting the
 right people
Spending time
reviewing resumes
& not finding
suitable candidates
time and money
after hiring the
wrong' candidate
too much
money advertising
the position
too much time interviewing
Lack skill
and expertise
in evaluating

You deserve a recruitment partner to help you hire the right people to help your company succeed.

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Outsource your recruitment to us

..... we use a strict, careful, professional, and confidential process....

It is critical to find the right people to fill your company's key positions. It could mean the difference between achieving a profit or a loss. But it can be hard and may take a long time to find the right person. It can be an uphill task. And before you finally find the right person for that key job, you have to go through several failed attempts. The solution would be to use a strict, careful, professional, and confidential process to narrow down the list of possible candidates for your positions. CHRS can help you with that.

3 simple steps to get the right hire in

CHRS will assist you in resolving your recruitment issues. We are experts in this field. We understand the marketplace. CHRS will work with you to meet your needs and advise you in your best interests. CHRS will only present you with the best CVs.

1. Schedule an appointment

We listen to your needs and discuss possible recruitment solutions

2. Brainstorm & Develop a plan

Based on your needs we will develop a recruitment plan & strategy

3. Find, Attract & Hire the  perfect employee

CHRS will begin the work giving you regular updates/feedback on assignment

Our promise to you

Our Charges

The value, the processes & the time of our work outweighs the price charged for the assignment. Our clients can attest to this.

Client Focused

To help provide better service, we take time to understand the client, their mission & agenda, their management style, their culture etc.


We know the importance of feedback and updates. We always work out a regular schedule to provide constant updates

Assignment Focus

Consultants only handle one assignment at a time so as to ensure focus to get hiring done as quickly as possible